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Video Game Room
Posted on 10/31/2018

Update January 2019:  Our game room is nearly finished.  The students have been having a lot of fun.  Some are anxious to get their turn.  However, we are still short on equipment.  We could continue to use old LCD TVs with HDMI connections.  We could also use more video game systems and accessories.

We are excited to announce that we are building a game room for students to be reinforced for good citizenship.  The students are very excited about this idea and it has already resulted in an improvement in our school culture.  Please see the flyer below for information on video game donations we could use to help enhance more positive experiences for our students.  Thank you again for your partnership and continued support.

Inyokern Video Game Room.pdf

As of January 20th 2018, our game room is running well.  We have been slowly adding to the complexity of our current system.  Over the past 2 months, we have been providing students with game passes for the following things:

1.) Good citizenship and classroom behavior based on our Peace builder and Student of the Month
2.) Making progress through our Accelerated Reader (AR) program
3.) Class wide reinforcement for group wide academic achievement on certain assessments
4.) Classroom behaviors through Mr. Price's "Gentlemen's Club"

Currently, we are still serving student's who were awarded game passes for the past 3 months of AR, Peacebuilders, and Student of The Month awards.  The students have been enjoying the game room and it has added to the overall positive improvements in our school culture.  Soon, we will be finished exchanging all of the game passes the students have earned.  

Our next goal is to begin incorporating the activity of having teachers nominate between 8 and 10 students from their classroom.  There will be a designated time each week for the teacher to send these nominated students to the game room for outstanding classroom behavior.  

Game On Book

Even though the students will be playing some fun games and forming good social relationships, our goal is also to incorporate academic based games.  In the book "Game On", the authors discuss the need for a paradigm shift toward game based learning.

We are still learning how to best incorporate these elements for all of our students.  But, a few of the games that incorporate more critical thinking and the application of knowledge are listed below.




Quantum Conundrum


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Papa Science


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As we progress with these new engaging strategies, we will be documenting our journey through the website so that parents can stay informed.